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Life+Death Conversation Cards

Maybe the most important conversation to have with people you love; Life+Death Cards are a gentle discovery process through conversation (or in quiet contemplation) using questions as a guide to deepen thinking on the various subjects. They work well for individuals to shuffle through on their own, between two people, as well as in larger groups.

The general card categories are: philosophy, grief, what-if scenarios, legacy, afterlife, looking back, funeral-related, fear of death, and end-of-life choices. Suitable for all ages - because death is for everyone!

The cards were inspired by conversations with strangers in the Christchurch Death Cafe. 

Sample questions:

  • Which famous death affected you the most? (e.g. an actor, singer, sportsperson, royal or politician)

  • What do you think happens after you die?

  • What's the best advice you've ever received?

Life+Death Conversation Cards

  • Boxed set of 50 cards.
    Instruction sheet

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