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As we contemplate our mortality, may we feel more alive in the present moment and anchored

in wonder

May their work provoke

us, and inspire us to think more deeply on this profound subject — sparking curiousity and conversation

Art Exhibition - Transforming death

The 2nd Transforming Death Art Exhibition took place at the Pūmanawa Gallery at the Christchurch Arts Centre in October 2022. 12 New Zealand artists were invited to explore their own relationship with death by producing a short series of work in their preferred mediums. This was no small task. From up-and-coming artists to the well-established, each had to grapple with their own experiences of loss as well as confront their own mortality.

No art is possible

without a dance with death. 

- Kurt Vonnegut

For all the artists this has been a revealing process.  Working in their preferred mediums of steel, stone, paint, acrylic and clay, they have explored the subject in their own way, through an environmental lens, personal loss and as an inspiration to live their best life now.  Death then becomes more of a curiosity and wonder, rather than something morbid or taboo. Transforming Death is intended to open up conversations in an inspiring and inclusive way. 

Visit the Death Matters website if you are interested in being an artist for our next exhibition.

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