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Art Exhibition

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Death Centre


I've worked with people of all ages and backgrounds in both small and large groups over the last 10 years; facilitating workshops to increase death acceptance, encourage gratitude, and inspire creative problem-solving. My general tone is upbeat. 

Make Your Own Memory Box

This workshop starts with a story about my challenging relationship with my father and what I did that changed everything. You will come away with the beginnings of your own memory box for someone special in your life. 

Date With Death

This conversational workshop can get even the most reluctant death-phobe talking about things that are important to them, such as their legacy, their bucket list, even their ideal funeral. Every Date with Death I've hosted has been a rich experience full of deep sharing, wonder, wistfulness and laughter,

Silent Conversations

Initiate deeper conversations with your children, your parents or your partner - without having to talk more. Learn the key tips and tricks to make this habit super-sticky for the whole family.

Read more 

Using Gratitude to Create More Joy

Most of us are so busy living our day to day lives that we miss the chance to perform a grand gesture. This workshop will get you thinking outside your comfort zone with some creative gratitude projects you can tailor to suit the people in your world.


It was fun and definitely had me seeing some things in my current life from different perspectives.

An expansive glimpse of clarity around what I want Vs. don't want in my life.


Would you like to sink into an authentic conversation about endings in a safe and neutral space? With a mix of deep listening and a touch of the muse, I offer support for people navigating change in their lives - particularly in the context of death.

People talk to me about

  • Death, loss and grief

  • Fear of dying

  • Creating balance

  • Finding joy

  • Creative legacies

Each session may include:

  • Talk therapy

  • Deep listening

  • Tiny Tools - designed to enrich a busy life in less than a minute a day; creating more depth, connection and intimacy.

  • Soul Prescription - a personalised prescription of further things to support you afterwards

  • Laughter

Don't wait. Your 15 minute discovery call is free. Email me to request your call and set up a time.

Each session is 50 minutes via Zoom

Cost: $125

In-person meetings are by arrangement

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As a self-publisher launching my first book, Melanie's guidance, drawn from her successful first-hand experience, was invaluable. Her combination of savvy business and marketing skills, mission focus, artistic vision, and, most importantly, deep authenticity make her the perfect go-to person to give your creative project wings. Within the first five minutes of our conversation she solved an organizational problem with which I had been grappling for months. A huge load has been lifted from my shoulders!

I can't recommend her highly enough!


—Martha Brettschneider

Speaking & Facilitating

Teaching through stories, provoking with ideas and sharing tools to enable real change is how I love to connect with my audience - big or small.

From MC'ing the Death Matters conferences, to facilitating Death Cafē conversations in the community; I love the challenge of connecting in a way that inspires a shift in thinking, or provokes a call to action. 


I've also led conservations for students at the Otago Medical School, University of Canterbury, St Margaret's College, Marian College, and recently at the Seeds Impact Conference.

Talking freely about death enables us to talk about our lives, what matters within it, and what we may want to do or change for the future. Big thanks to you Melanie, for your vision, creativity and passion.

— Feedback from 2nd Death Matters

My favourite topics are:

  • Death 101; four of the basics  

  • Don't Wait, Thanks, Goodbye

  • Finding Joy


Please get in touch to talk about your event and what we might create together.

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'Your creative drive and sense of fun certainly inspired the students. This was evident during the lesson as I observed  the girls become more open and free in their thinking and creating.

From this one lesson they grew and from initially being nervous to actual having a go, and the look on their faces was one of pure joy.

The more reserved students slowly took on the challenges and the seed of trying new things was born within them.

I look forward to working with you again'

— Jane Dickie, Marian College

Death Matters Conference

Death Matters is an uplifting and memorable experience. Perhaps the most important and meaningful conference you will ever attend.

—Dr Nicole Lindsay, NDE researcher,
School of Psychology, Massey University

There have been three Death Matters Conferences in Christchurch, NZ since 2019. The 4th event is planned for 2025. More about the conference here


Come and be part of the next conference:

  • Speakers: You might be just who we are looking for. To get started, fill out a SOI form

  • Attendees: We love our attendees. Put your name down to be notified of Early Bird tickets

  • Sell or promote something you make or do: We make it easy for attendees to promote their work and connect with each other. 

  • Volunteer. I couldnt put on the conference without a team of amazing volunteers who dedicate hours to help set up, work on the day, and stay to pack down afterwards.

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The Fare-Well Trust cant thank you enough for doing what you do in pulling people together and helping to take the fear out of dying.

Your Death Matters conference influenced so many and we are still receiving emails....even 12 months later

Art Exhibition

The 3rd Art Exhibition 'Closer to Death' will happen in Death Matters Month, in conjunction with the Conference in 2025.


10 New Zealand artists are invited to explore their own relationship with death by producing a short series of work in their preferred mediums. I like to have both up-and-coming and well-established artists, working in a wide variety of mediums.


We also include performance art, and have an artist-in-residence for the duration of the exhibition.

See past exhibitions, meet the artists, plus submissions of interest

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Vision For The Life+Death Centre

Death helps us discover what matters most.

- Frank Ostaseski


The Life + Death Centre is a unique hub offering diverse workshops, educational programs, and therapeutic sessions to demystify death and inspire fearless living.


With dedicated areas for reflection, collaboration, and artistic expression, the centre will be a place where people can explore and learn, plan and play.

Imagine a team of skilled people in a range of roles; caregivers, healers, art therapists, death doulas, grief therapists, grief yoga teachers, funeral consultants, creative legacy guides, and aging-parent companions, offering education, support, guidance, and most of all empowering us to do death better.


Thank you for all that you are offering us in terms of support, networking, education and inspiration so we can better help others. Thanks to your immense energy, compassion and commitment this is going to be amazing

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