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Amazing, eye-opening, profound and a humbling experience.

I love the sound of the transformation centre. Such a needed resource and I would love to be a part of it.

3rd Death Matters

Conference 2022


A warm, empathetic, compassionate, thoughtful day. Amazing presenters full of courage and wisdom - an absolute joy to soak up their knowledge.

Particularly I would like to acknowledge Dr. Kathryn Smith and her amazing energy, empathy, commitment and professionalism in her work with those who choose autonomy over the end of their lives.

3rd Death Matters

Conference 2022

Absolutely fantastic day. It was my 'big brave'. It has expanded my heart, my spirit, my whole being.

I would repeat this experience again tomorrow if possible!

3rd Death Matters

Conference 2022


Thankyou for a beautifully run conference. I enjoyed it immensely and am excited by the gathering and the willingness to reclaim our natural birth rites of choice and holistic care around both birth and death. I have expanded my awareness and my heart is topped up with Aroha.

3rd Death Matters

Conference 2022


I am exhausted but in a beautiful way. Today has provided challenge, interest, awe and love. I am most grateful for all that everyone has done to make today happen.

3rd Death Matters

Conference 2022


Exploring death and dying is more important now than ever before - both for ourselves and for society in general. This conference is a unique opportunity to learn and contribute with a fantastic range of inspirational & knowledgeable speakers, covering a diverse array of topics.

The conference is a celebration of life, as much as an exploration of death. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Come along - and bring a friend!”

Dr. Kate Grundy

Clinical Director

of Palliative Care,

Christchurch Hospital

I have found today illuminating, educational, compassionate and skillfully presented.

It has opened a door for me which I hope will not only enhance my life, but the end of life for those I want to work with.

3rd Death Matters

Conference 2022

P1090892 (1).jpeg

What an incredible day; spine chilling in its completeness. The feeling in the room, from start to finish, was of warmth, curiosity, wonder, joy, understanding, and fellowship. At one point I sat back and looked at the rows of people and thought how amazing it was to be in a room packed with people comfortable with the topics shared and discussed, and the speakers were amazing.

1st Death Matters

Conference 2019


Goodbye: for times of sadness & loss, has something to comfort, encourage and inspire anyone who is grieving… or anyone who has ever experienced loss, which is of course all of us. Its thoughtful texts and beautiful photographs are gathered from all over the world.


They are wide ranging enough to address the equally wide range of losses that are part of being human. It is a wonderful book to ‘dip’ into, and every dip reveals another treasure. I recommend it both for grieving people and for those who support them.

Dr. Lois Tonkin,

Grief Counsellor,

Educator and Writer


I often suggest to clients that as they hold the book and think about their loved one, they open it to a page at random; the words and images they have ‘chosen’ invite peaceful contemplation. Clients are genuinely touched by the gift, and feedback has been very positive. I think this lovely book will linger on coffee tables long after the flowers have faded.

Peter Shaw,

Mainland Funerals,

Timaru, NZ

A little while ago my dear friends gave me the gift of your new book, Thankyou. What a joy it is, to hold and to behold. Lovely in dimension, rich in colour, gorgeous and generous and nourishing in sentiment, inspired and inspiring in its simplicity. Gratitude is the most uplifting, blessing and healing energy to live in.

Jane Catherine Severn,

Luna House


Melanie has created a delightful and important book. Visually delicious, the message it carries reminds us how life-transforming a simple feeling of gratitude can be.

The act of being thankful reconnects us to our essential being. It generates a feeling of happiness that nothing

else can. 

Leslie Kenton,

Award-winning writer,

broadcaster and teacher


 Wonderful venue, knowledgeable and passionate speakers, and a warm supportive atmosphere all combine to make the Death Matters conference an uplifting and memorable experience.  Perhaps the most important and meaningful conference you will ever attend.


Dr Nicole Lindsay, NDE researcher, School of Psychology,

Massey University.

1st Death Matters, 2019


Thankyou is a beautiful read; uplifting, refreshing and peaceful. It shows how the smallest word will always make the biggest difference; anytime, any language, anywhere.

Sam Johnson,

Founder of the

Student Volunteer Army 

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