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Experiments in love

Global Gratitue Minute – 333THANKS


Thankyou Trail

Imagine a public pathway that’s an inspiring, contemplative and art-filled walk in nature....


Walking in nature clears my head, energises my body and gets me in touch with some of what’s really important to me.

  • Being thankful

  • Being kind

  • Living in the moment

  • Living creatively



Late last year an idea to create a thankyou-themed walkway in Christchurch took another step torward being a reality when Dr. Colin Meurk offered me a section of the Christchurch 360 Trail for the project.

Dr. Meurk and his team have spent the last 25 years developing the Christchurch 360 Trail, a 135km walkway which links existing trails around the edge of the city. The walkway connects the coast, volcanic hills, and Christchurch streams. It showcases the amazing diversity of our landscape and invites us to go out and play in it.


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