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Date with Death Game

 Imagine we are told the exact amount of time we have left before we die; this is the premise for a new card game called Date with Death. 

Over the last 12 months I've been playing the game with family, friends and strangers, and in workshops. Participants are each dealt a card giving them a certain amount of time left to live (from hours to years). People discuss how they feel based on their time. Questions arise such as what is important? What is urgent? What’s no longer important? What is your legacy? 

For such a simple process it is surprising to me how people who are often reluctant to talk about death will happily join in. Every game I've played has been a rich experience full of deep sharing, wonder, wistfulness and laughter,

Please note: Date with Death is best suited as a tool for therapists and facilitators to use in groups.

Date with Death Game

  • Boxed set of 48 cards
    Instruction sheet

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