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Creative Illuminations

Christchurch Creative Melanie Mason has created a delightful deck of oracle cards to inspire women of all ages to connect with their inner voice, wisdom, creativity and excitement

Good Magazine — March / April 2021

Melanie Mason is no stranger to oracle cards. She collects them and has more than 40 sets. Now she's created a deck of her own — Creative Illuminations — which comes with 60 gorgeously illustrated cards and a soul survival guide.

'I love oracle cards,' says Mason. 'They're works of art and such wonderful wisdom. I love choosing a favourite deck, shuffling the cards and pulling out one or two for some insight into my day or to help shift my perspective on something.'

The intention behind her deck is to inspire a more conscious approach to living our everyday lives. It's not about going outside ourselves to find it or create it, but going within, she explains. It's not about doing more, it's about doing the same things in different ways.

'The uncertain times we live in have left many of us feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. Creative Illuminations are a go-to tool for times of stress. They offer simple steps to help us reconnect when feeling lost or alone,' says Mason.

The cards are a tangible tool for encouraging curiosity, collaboration and creativity. They can be used to restore balance and shift from linear and analytical thinking into your feeling and intuitive self.

'Being alive means being creative. We cannot be here in body without making stuff: thoughts, words, feelings, messes, relationships, shadows and reflections. Life is an infinitely creative experience - although we can often get into habits and routines that leave us feeling anything but excited and inspired,' she says.

'The illuminations encourage us to live authentically, using all our senses, listening for the subtle whispers and heeding the wild urges, honoring ourselves and forgiving ourselves. Constantly. Consciously.'

Melanie's Muse

The young girl exploring her way through Creative Illuminations is Trixie. She represents the inner child in all of us, says Mason. Trixie is child-like (but not childish).

She's curious, brave and adventurous. She encourages us to look at the world through eyes of wonder and delight.

Many of us have felt shut down, silenced or even shamed over the years. We've been told to be careful, be quiet and behave! It is no wonder that somewhere along the way we stopped listening to our own voice and maybe wondered if we even had a voice at all!

Our muse reminds us that everything we need is already within us. The trick to finding those things is to spend more time getting to know ourselves.

One of the fastest ways to greater self-awareness is to follow our excitement. Ask yourself: What do I love? When I'm at my best and happiest, where am I? What am I doing when time slows and I lose myself in an activity? What is the source of my greatest joy?

If nothing is exciting and life is feeling blah, try following your curiousity instead. What are you interested in? What is the smallest way you can bring the flavour of this into your life today? Give your muse permission to play.

This very instant is an opportunity to start anew or try something different. May you feel inspired with possibilities for your own precious life.

Buy your own deck of Creative Illuminations

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